Arghblarg on Neocities (The Permanent Web)

Nothing much here yet, but eventually this will be the repository for my experiments -- musical, programmatic, electronic, and otherwise -- on the Permanent Web.

My Permanent FS Root

I've added data to this site in two ways:

  1. from my own local server's IPFS node, putting files under a new dir named (arbitrarily) 'IPFS-root', then running 'ipfs add -r IPFS-root' noting the top-level multihash, and finally 'ipfs pin add <that multihash>' to pin it to my IPFS server's local storage.
  2. Uploading directly to this neocities site. Since Neocities itself runs an IPFS node, anything uploaded here becomes automatically part of the Permanent Web! After uploading, one must navigate to the uploaded resources through the site's root multihash to find out the resource's own multihash if direct pinning to another IPFS node is desired. Otherwise, just 'ipfs pin add -r <THIS_SITE_HASH>' to grab the entire site.

Sonic Lens I- Contact Log

My first album of ambient/space/SF - consisting of various sessions from 1999-2003.